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What is Woodturning?

Woodturning is the art and craft of creating shaped objects on a lathe. The lathe is a machine, originally invented over 3,000 years ago, that holds and rotates a material like wood or stone so that it can be quickly carved with sharp tools. Turned objects range from the baseball bat, chair leg and rolling pin, to ceremonial bowls and modern sculpture.

Woodturning is fascinating to watch - the process moves quickly, and shavings fly as the woodturner works. Turning is exciting at all levels: it is a fun activity to learn, and a beginner can walk out of his or first class with a finished object.

Becoming an accomplished turner requires practice and a deep knowledge of the properties of many different kinds of wood, the constant refinement of technique, understanding of finishes, and a strong sense of form.

Lathes range tremendously in size, from a watchmaker's lathe that can be held in the hand to lathes over a hundred feet long for making masts. Lathes can be motor, water, or human-powered, but they all perform the same task: spinning wood so that it can be carved. From this single machine, through the hands of the skilled turner, comes an infinite and breath-taking variety of forms.

Lathes can be expensive so before you commit to buy one why not come to veteran’s woodcraft for a go, learn the ropes in a safe environment.


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