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CNC (computer numerical control) Router is a computer-controlled cutting machine.

It can be divided into mechanical engraving machine, laser engraving machine and plasma engraving machine.

These two types CNC routers are both divided into high-power type and low-power type. The low-power CNC router is limited by the processing materials. (To process the boulder and metal, the machine’s power usually should be over 1500w.)

Types of materials

Types of materials

It’s usually used for cutting various hard materials, such as:

  • metals (like aluminium),
  • glass,
  • stone,
  • wood,
  • plastics,
  • foams.


  • Advertising: Advertising board
  • Electronic industry: Circuit board engraving machine
  • The technology industry: Micro engraving machine
  • Construction industry / The gravestone industry: Stone carving machine
  • Wood industry: Woodworking engraving machine

At veterans woodcraft we have access to 6 Legacy CNC machine and are used mainly for wooden projects, but we have used composite materials (Corian) with great effect, if this is something that you would like to know more about please get in touch with us and have a go.


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